Google Dreidel: An Interactive Hanukkah Experience

Google Dreidel

Ever spin a dreidel and wonder what’s inside? This Hanukkah, Google has an interactive surprise in store for you. Their latest doodle lets you peek inside a virtual dreidel and explore the inner workings of this classic Hanukkah toy.

You start by giving the dreidel a spin and watching as the letters on the sides whirl by. But then, the top pops open to reveal a whole miniature world inside. There are Hanukkah candles, coins of gelt, and even tiny dreidels spinning within dreidels. As you explore, you’ll discover hidden secrets and surprises that bring the story of Hanukkah to life.

This holiday season, take a break from the usual routine of presents and parties. Gather friends and family around and experience the wonder of Hanukkah through the eyes of a child. Spin up some fun with the interactive Google Dreidel—who knows where your imagination will lead you! Light the candles, say the blessings, nibble on some latkes, and enjoy this magical, one-of-a-kind Hanukkah adventure. The story begins with a single spin…

What Is the Google Dreidel?

The Google Dreidel is an interactive experience by Google to help families celebrate Hanukkah. ###

Through your phone or tablet, the Google Dreidel comes to life in augmented reality. Spin the dreidel and watch the letters change, then tap to get fun facts about the meaning behind each Hebrew letter. The Google Dreidel teaches kids about this classic Hanukkah toy in an engaging new way.

The Google Dreidel also has built-in games like Dreidel Tap, where you race against time to tap the correct letters before they disappear from the spinning dreidel. For a more chill experience, turn on the Hanukkah music to set the mood while you spin.

This free app is available for both Android and iOS. All you need is a flat surface in a well-lit room to place the digital dreidel. Point your camera at the surface and the dreidel will appear, looking as real as can be. Spin it with your finger to send it whirling.

While not meant to replace the real wooden dreidel, the Google Dreidel offers an innovative take on a timeless Hanukkah tradition. Kids of all ages can learn about the history and meaning behind the dreidel, all through an exciting augmented reality experience.

The Google Dreidel is the perfect high-tech companion for your family’s Hanukkah festivities this year. Download it for an interactive Hanukkah adventure you won’t soon forget.

How to Access the Google Dreidel Game

To access the Google Dreidel game, just head to the Google homepage during Hanukkah. This fun, interactive experience lets you spin a virtual dreidel by simply clicking and dragging your mouse.

How It Works

Once the game loads, you’ll see an animated dreidel on your screen. Grab it with your mouse and spin it by moving your mouse in a circular motion. Release to send the dreidel spinning. The Hebrew letters on the dreidel will blur as it spins, then slow down and land on one of the four sides:

  • Nun – Take nothing
  • Gimel – Take everything
  • Hei – Take half
  • Shin – Put in

If it lands on Nun, nothing happens. Land on Gimel and you’ll get a burst of virtual gelt (chocolate coins). Hei gives you half the pot. And Shin means you need to put one of your gelt into the pot.

The game keeps track of how much gelt you’ve won or lost. Try to spin your way to becoming the richest player! You can spin as many times as you like. The dreidel and winnings animations, sounds, and music will make you feel like you’re at a real Hanukkah party.

Share the Fun

Once you’ve had your fill of spinning, click “Share this dreidel” to post your results on social media or challenge your friends and family to beat your score. This clever take on the traditional dreidel game is a fun, memorable way for people of all backgrounds to experience the Festival of Lights.

So grab your virtual gelt and start spinning – happy Hanukkah! Let the games begin!

Playing the Google Dreidel Game

Playing the Google Dreidel game is fun and interactive. Here’s how it works:

To get started, open up the Google search engine on your web browser. You can access this on your laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. In the search bar at the top of the page, type in “dreidel” and hit enter.

The Google dreidel should start spinning on your screen. Give it a virtual spin by clicking and dragging your mouse or finger across the dreidel image. Release and watch it spin! The Hebrew letters on the dreidel will determine the points for that spin.

  • Nun (נ‎) = 0 points
  • Gimel (ג) = 1 point
  • Hey (ה) = 2 points
  • Shin (ש) = 3 points

As you accumulate points with each spin, the total will be displayed below the dreidel. See if you can get all the way to 8 points, which signifies the 8 nights of Hanukkah!

For an added challenge, try to get the dreidel to land on the same result for all 8 spins in a row. This signifies the miracle of the oil lasting for 8 nights. If you do achieve this, the dreidel will start spinning automatically in celebration of your achievement!

You can also personalize your Google dreidel by changing the color or adding stickers. Click the paint bucket icon to choose from blue, green, red or rainbow. Add stickers like stars, candles or presents by clicking the stickers icon. Make the dreidel your own and spin away!

This fun, interactive Google doodle is a great way to spread awareness of the Festival of Lights in an engaging digital format. So take a quick study break or enjoy some downtime and give the Google dreidel a spin. Chag sameach!

The History of the Dreidel

The dreidel is a fun game of chance, but it actually has a long history and significant cultural meaning.


The dreidel game originated in the Middle Ages, when Jewish children were forbidden to study the Torah. To hide their learning from the Greeks, children would pretend to gamble with dreidels whenever soldiers were near. The letters on the dreidel stand for the Hebrew phrase “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham,” meaning “a great miracle happened there.”

Over time, the dreidel game evolved into a popular Hanukkah tradition. The four letters on the dreidel represent the four kingdoms that controlled Jerusalem: Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome. Whichever letter the dreidel lands on determines whether the player takes or gives game pieces (usually chocolate coins or nuts).


The dreidel is a reminder of the resilience and determination of the Jewish people. Despite oppression, children found a way to continue learning and spread joy. The letters on the dreidel also represent the miracle of the oil lasting eight days during the rededication of the Second Temple.

How to Play

To play dreidel, you’ll need a dreidel, coins or other small items, and 2-4 players. Each player contributes coins or items to the “pot.” Players take turns spinning the dreidel. Depending on which letter it lands on, the spinner has to put in, take from, or do nothing to the pot. The game ends when someone runs out of coins or the group decides to end. The remaining coins are divided among players.

The dreidel game brings families and communities together to celebrate the Hanukkah festival of lights. An object once used to spread light in dark times now spreads joy, togetherness and cultural tradition. What originated as a simple game and teaching tool has become an important symbol of Hanukkah.

Other Fun Online Dreidel Games

Once you’ve mastered the classic dreidel game, check out some fun online versions that add an exciting twist.

Dreidel Champion

This free web game lets you compete against other players to become the Dreidel Champion. Spin your dreidel and match four of a kind to win a round. Earn points for each match to climb the leaderboards. With upgraded dreidels and power-ups, this fast-paced game adds an extra challenge.

Dreidel Mania

Test your luck and reflexes in this colorful arcade-style dreidel game. Spin the dreidel and catch the gelt before it disappears. The faster you grab, the more points you earn. Rack up combos by catching multiple pieces in a row. Compete for high scores and post your records on the leaderboard. This free mobile app provides endless dreidel spinning entertainment.

Hanukkah Dreidel Slots

For those who enjoy casino slot machines, this free web game brings the thrill of the slots to your dreidel. Spin the reels to match dreidels, gelt, and other Hanukkah symbols. Winning combinations pay out virtual coins which you can use to unlock special dreidels and other surprises. Though not officially gambling, this game may still be addictive!

Menorah Mania

Light the menorah in this fun puzzle game free on iOS and Android. Spin the dreidel to determine how many candles you can light. Each day presents a new challenge to illuminate the menorah. Drop gelt coins to earn bonuses and hints. Race against the clock before all eight candles burn out. This creative twist on the dreidel theme provides brain-teasing entertainment for all ages.

With so many options, you’ll be spinning virtual dreidels all season long. No matter which games you play, have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor!


So there you have it, everything you need to know to make your Hanukkah extra fun this year with Google’s interactive dreidel game. Give the dreidel a spin and see where it lands – will you get gimel and win the pot, or end up having to put more in? The anticipation and surprise with each spin is all part of the fun. While the game itself is simple, bringing it to life on your screen adds an extra dose of delight. Play a few rounds with friends or family, or just enjoy some quiet time challenging yourself. However you choose to enjoy it, Google Dreidel is sure to make this Festival of Lights the brightest one yet. Light the candles, spin the dreidel, and game on!

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