Build an Avatar Soundboard for Calling in 3 Easy Steps

how to deploy an avatar soundboard for calling

Ever wish you had a fun way to spice up your phone calls? You’re in luck. Creating a custom avatar soundboard for calling your friends and family is easier than you might think. In just three simple steps, you can deploy a soundboard with sound clips of your favorite characters to play during calls for some laughs and entertainment. Forget boring old phone conversations – with an avatar soundboard, every call can be an adventure. Whether you want to channel your inner Homer Simpson with a ‘D’oh!’ or awaken your coworkers with a Chewbacca roar, crafting a custom soundboard is a breeze. So clear your schedule, grab your laptop, and get ready to unleash your silly side. By following this guide, you’ll be dropping iconic one-liners and zinging friends with movie quotes before you know it. Soundboards: they’re not just for livestreams anymore!

Choose Your Avatar and Sounds

Choosing an avatar and custom sounds is the fun part! Think of your favorite movie, TV show or video game character and find an image to represent them. Or create your own original avatar. The options are endless.

Once you have your avatar, it’s time to pick sounds. Aim for 3 to 5 short audio clips that capture your character’s personality or mood. Keep them under 3 seconds each. You’ll want a nice mix, like:

  • A greeting: “Well, hello there!”
  • A question: “What’s the plan?”
  • An exclamation: “Great Scott!”
  • A farewell: “Until next time.”

Look for audio from the actual media if possible, or have a voice actor record custom clips. Just be sure to avoid any copyrighted content.

With your avatar and sounds selected, you’ll be ready to set up your calling experience. But don’t stop there – continue adding to your collection over time. The more options the better! Swap avatars for different calls or moods. Get weird with it! An avatar soundboard should reflect your creativity and sense of fun.

So start searching, recording and compiling. Before you know it, you’ll have built a one-of-a-kind avatar experience that’s sure to make every call an adventure. What are you waiting for? The possibilities are calling!

Set Up the Soundboard

To get your avatar soundboard up and running for calls, you’ll need to do a few things.

First, gather your audio clips. These can be short messages, reactions, jokes or whatever you want your avatar to ‘say’. Aim for 5-10 clips to start, you can always add more later. Save them as .WAV or .MP3 files.

Next, you’ll need a virtual audio cable to route the audio from your soundboard to your calling app. We recommend Voicemeeter Banana, a free virtual mixer. Install it and set it up to take input from your soundboard and output to your calling app.

Then, download a soundboard app to trigger your audio clips. Something like ExpSoundboard (free) or Jingle Palette ($30) will work great. Add your audio clips to the app and assign hotkeys to play each one.

Finally, test it out! Start a call in your app of choice, like Skype, Zoom or Discord and play your audio clips by pressing the hotkeys. Your caller should hear the sounds from your avatar. You may need to adjust the volume levels in Voicemeeter and your calling app.

With a few audio clips, a virtual audio cable, a soundboard app and a quick test call, you’ll be all set to chat with friends and coworkers using your very own avatar soundboard! Let the fun begin!

Test and Deploy Your Avatar Soundboard

3. Test and Deploy Your Avatar Soundboard

Now that you have your avatar soundboard built, it’s time to test it out and put it to use! Before deploying it in a live call, do a trial run with some friends or colleagues to get feedback and work out any kinks.

  • Check that all the sounds are working properly and play as expected. Make any final volume adjustments needed.
  • Ensure the layout and labeling of sounds makes sense to others and is easy to navigate on the fly during a call. You may need to tweak the grouping, ordering or wording of options based on feedback.
  • Practice using the soundboard yourself while on a test call to get comfortable triggering different sounds at appropriate times in conversation. Hearing the sounds in an actual call scenario can help identify any additional changes needed.
  • Ask your test callers how natural and engaging the avatar’s responses seemed. See if there are any types of calls or conversational contexts where the avatar may need more or improved response options added to the soundboard.

Once you’ve iterated and refined your avatar soundboard based on testing, you’re ready to start using it in live calls and chats! Enable the soundboard in your calling software or platform so you can launch it at any time during calls with just a couple of clicks. Make sure to let the other callers know an avatar will be joining the conversation so they are aware of why they are hearing pre-recorded audio responses. With regular use, operating the soundboard will become second nature, allowing you to focus on the discussion flow rather than searching for the next ideal response.

In no time, your avatar and its soundboard will be successfully deployed and actively enhancing calls and conversations. Let the testing and refining continue even after initial deployment to keep improving the avatar’s abilities over time.


So there you have it – your very own avatar soundboard for calling up and running in just 3 easy steps. Now you can add some fun and personality to your calls, whether chatting with friends or connecting with clients and customers. People will surely get a kick out of the different voices and accents. And the best part is, you can keep building on it by adding more avatars and customizing the sound clips. The possibilities are endless! Go ahead and give your new soundboard a try on your next call. Your friends and business contacts won’t know what hit them, in the best way possible of course. Have fun with it!

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