Why Hürrilet Matters More Than You Think


Ever wonder what that strange word hürrilet means that you sometimes see in the newspaper or hear on the evening news? Chances are you’ve shrugged it off as some political concept that doesn’t really matter in your day to day. But hürrilet, which roughly translates to ‘eventuality’ or ‘contingency’, shapes your life in Turkey far more than you realize. The hürrilet doctrine influences everything from foreign policy to economics to education. It’s time to understand why hürrilet matters – and why you should start paying attention. This deep dive will unpack the origins of hürrilet, how it spread to become a dominant ideology, and why its impact on issues you care about is far greater than you’ve ever imagined. By the end, you’ll see hürrilet in a whole new light.

The History and Origins of Hürrilet Newspaper

Hürriyet has been informing and shaping public opinion in Turkey since 1948. This influential daily newspaper was founded by Sedat Simavi, along with a group of journalists and intellectuals who wanted to promote liberal and progressive values after WWII.

At the time, most Turkish media was controlled by political groups. Hürriyet provided readers independent and objective news coverage, focusing on facts over propaganda. This innovative approach gained popularity quickly. Within a decade, Hürriyet became the highest-circulating newspaper in Turkey, a title it holds to this day.

Over the years, Hürriyet has maintained its commitment to quality journalism and editorial independence. The paper covers current affairs, business, culture, and sports for readers of all backgrounds. It has also launched successful supplements on topics like science, literature, and travel.

While Hürriyet started as a print newspaper, today it reaches readers across platforms – from its website and social media channels to mobile apps and e-newspapers. This digital transformation has allowed Hürriyet to connect with younger, tech-savvy audiences and expand its influence to the international stage.

At its core though, Hürriyet remains dedicated to the principles it was founded on: reporting the news accurately and objectively, promoting democratic values, and serving the public interest. That mission is more vital now than ever before in an era of increasing media polarization and ‘alternative facts.’ Hürriyet’s dedication to journalistic integrity and civic responsibility is why, over 70 years later, it still matters.

Why Hürrilet Is Important for Turkish Culture

Hürriyet has been publishing for over 70 years, making it an integral part of Turkish culture and society. ###

As Turkey’s highest-circulation daily newspaper, Hürriyet shapes public opinion and influences politics. It’s how millions of Turks start their day and stay informed. For many, it’s a habit and tradition passed down through generations.

Hürriyet covers news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more. No matter what’s happening in Turkey or the world, you can count on Hürriyet to report on it. They employ hundreds of journalists across dozens of cities to bring you the latest news and analysis.

Beyond the news, Hürriyet promotes social values like democracy, secularism and Westernization that are central to Turkey’s modern identity. The paper has endured military coups, economic crises, and other threats to press freedom over the decades. Its perseverance and advocacy of progressive principles have been instrumental in advancing civil society.

From sports and entertainment to economy and politics, Hürriyet is an integral part of daily conversation and culture. It shapes opinions, spreads ideas, and brings Turks together around shared interests and values. For all these reasons, Hürriyet matters more than you might realize. Its influence will continue for generations to come.

Though some criticize its political stances or reporting, Hürriyet remains Turkey’s paper of record and continues to inform millions each day. For better or worse, it has shaped Turkey’s post-imperial emergence and evolution into a modern, democratic society. That is a legacy that lives on in each daily edition.

Hürrilet’s Pivotal Role in Turkish Politics and Society

Hürriyet is one of Turkey’s oldest and most influential newspapers. Since its founding in 1948, it has shaped public opinion and Turkish politics in profound ways.

A Voice for Secularism

Hürriyet advocated for a secular, democratic Turkey at a time when religion still dominated public life. Its liberal and pro-Western stance aligned with the vision of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Turkey’s first president. Hürriyet helped promote Atatürk’s reforms like giving women the right to vote, transitioning from an Arabic to a Latin alphabet, and establishing a civil legal code.

Even today, Hürriyet continues to push back against increasing religious conservatism in Turkish politics. Its editorials and columnists frequently criticize policies that undermine democratic institutions and personal freedoms. Hürriyet gives voice to more progressive segments of Turkish society that value pluralism and social justice.

A Platform for Debate

Hürriyet is a platform for vigorous debate across Turkey’s political spectrum. Its pages feature a diverse range of viewpoints from all sides. Hürriyet believes that a free exchange of ideas is essential for a healthy democracy.

While Hürriyet’s own stances lean secular and center-left, it aims to represent all Turkish citizens. It sees itself as an impartial moderator helping facilitate civic discussion. Of course, in such a polarized environment, Hürriyet is also frequently criticized as either too liberal or too conservative, depending on who you ask. But its willingness to challenge preconceptions and push the boundaries of acceptability has been crucial.

Hürriyet is an indispensable check against authoritarianism that has shaped Turkey’s democratic evolution. Despite many ups and downs over the decades, it remains a pivotal force defending freedom of expression and human rights. Hürriyet’s impact on Turkish politics and society cannot be overstated. Its pages have given voice to hopes and values that continue to sustain Turkey’s democratic spirit.

The Future of Hürrilet in the Digital Age

Hürriyet has been a leader in print media for decades, but to remain relevant, it must fully embrace the digital age. As readers increasingly get their news online, Hürriyet’s future depends on its digital platforms.

The website and mobile app

Hürriyet’s website and mobile app are more important than ever. Readers want news and information instantly, and Hürriyet’s digital platforms provide constant updates and breaking news coverage. The company should continue improving these platforms by:

  • Optimizing them for mobile devices. Over 60% of web traffic now comes from mobile phones and tablets.
  • Integrating interactive features like comments, social sharing, and multimedia galleries.

-Personalizing content recommendations using data about readers’ interests and browsing habits.

-Partnering with tech companies to provide innovative new features. For example, Hürriyet could work with a company using AI for automated news summaries or smart speakers.

Social media

Hürriyet has a strong social media presence, but it must stay on the cutting edge of new platforms and strategies. For example, Hürriyet could increase its use of:

  • Live video on Facebook and YouTube to engage readers.
  • Instagram Stories and TikTok to reach younger audiences.
  • Influencer marketing by partnering with popular social media creators. Influencers can promote Hürriyet’s content to new potential readers.

Digital subscriptions

While Hürriyet’s print circulation declines, digital subscriptions are the future. Hürriyet should make the subscription process easy and affordable, with options like:

  • Low-cost monthly subscriptions under $10.
  • Bundled print and digital subscriptions. Some readers still prefer print, so bundling the two could increase value.
  • Special introductory offers for new subscribers. Discounted trial periods lead to higher long-term subscription rates.

By prioritizing its digital evolution, Hürriyet can thrive for decades to come. While print media fades, Hürriyet’s trusted journalism and brand equity position it well to lead in the digital news era. By meeting readers wherever they are – on the web, social media, mobile devices, and more – Hürriyet can remain an essential source of news and information for Turkey.

How to Access Hürrilet Content Online

Accessing Hürriyet’s content online is easier than you may realize. As Turkey’s most popular newspaper, Hürriyet aims to make their journalism available to readers however they prefer to consume it. Whether you want to read the latest headlines on your phone, dive into in-depth features on your tablet, or curl up with a print edition, Hürriyet has you covered.


Hürriyet’s main website,, is updated around the clock with breaking news stories, columns, and blogs. Their clean, modern interface makes it simple to find the news and analysis that interests you most. Sections like Economy, Politics, Life, and Sports ensure you’ll never miss important coverage.

Mobile Apps

For on-the-go access, download Hürriyet’s mobile apps for iOS and Android. Their smartphone and tablet apps provide a curated selection of top news as well as options to save stories for offline reading or share with friends. Push notifications can alert you to major headlines so you always stay informed.


Can’t start your day without a newspaper? Hürriyet’s e-newspaper allows you to flip through a digital replica of the daily print edition. Each page looks just like the physical newspaper so you can read all your favorite sections and do the crossword or sudoku. The e-newspaper edition is available to download by 6 am every morning.


Hürriyet produces original podcasts covering politics, culture, sports, technology, and more. Their podcasts feature interviews with journalists, columnists, and newsmakers for an in-depth look at what’s happening in Turkey and around the world. You can find Hürriyet’s podcasts on iTunes, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms as well as on

Whether on your screen or on the page, Hürriyet is committed to providing news and information to readers however and whenever they want it. Staying informed has never been more accessible. Discover how Hürriyet’s multi-platform approach can enrich your day.


You may not realize it, but hürrilet impacts your life in so many ways. From the food you eat to the clothes you wear to the music you listen to, hürrilet is woven into the fabric of our culture. It shapes how we see the world and how we interact with one another. So take some time to appreciate hürrilet in all its forms. Try a new recipe, read an author from another country, or strike up a conversation with someone from a different background than your own. Expand your horizons and open your mind. You’ll be amazed at how hürrilet enriches your life in big ways and small. There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered if you just open yourself up to new experiences.

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