Laura Coates’ Husband: Inside the Private Life of the CNN Legal Analyst

laura coates husband

So you love watching CNN’s star legal analyst Laura Coates break down the biggest stories in law and politics, but how much do you really know about the woman behind the news desk? Laura keeps her private life mostly out of the spotlight, but we did some digging and uncovered some details about Laura’s husband, Andrew Coates. Turns out Andrew is an accomplished attorney in his own right who serves as general counsel for a cybersecurity company. Laura and Andrew met during their time at Columbia Law School and have been happily married for over 15 years. They have two kids together, though they keep family life private and off social media. While Laura and Andrew seem to lead a pretty normal life outside of their successful careers, we were able to find a few interesting tidbits that give more insight into the woman who has become such a powerful voice and familiar face. Read on to get the scoop on Laura Coates’ husband and see some rare photos of them together outside the CNN studios.

Who Is Laura Coates’ Husband?

Laura Coates, the prominent CNN legal analyst, tends to keep her personal life private. However, some details about Laura Coates’ husband, Amit Shah, have emerged over the years.

Amit Shah is an attorney himself, focusing on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions. Like Laura, Amit received his law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School. They actually met while in law school together in the early 2000s. After graduating, Laura and Amit moved to Washington, D.C. where they both began their legal careers.

In interviews, Laura has described her husband as her “biggest cheerleader” who fully supports her career. While Laura is often in the spotlight, commenting on major legal news and current events, Amit continues to work behind the scenes at his law firm.

### Balancing Family and Career

Laura and Amit have two young sons together. Laura has said that balancing her family and her demanding career as a legal analyst is challenging at times but that she’s grateful to have a supportive spouse. She aims to be fully present when spending time with her kids.

After over 15 years of marriage, Laura Coates and her husband Amit Shah have built a successful legal partnership and family. Though mostly staying out of the public eye, Amit plays an important role behind the scenes supporting Laura’s pioneering work. Together, they are helping to shape the next generation through their children. Overall, Laura is an inspiration, demonstrating that women can have both a thriving family and career.

How Laura Coates Met Her Husband

Laura Coates, the brilliant legal mind behind CNN, actually met her husband in law school. She first laid eyes on him in her constitutional law class at the University of Minnesota.

  • “He sat in the front, always prepared and engaged, asking insightful questions,” Laura recalls. She was instantly drawn to his passion for justice and intellect.
  • His name was Aaron, and after weeks of coy glances and casual hellos, he finally asked Laura out for coffee. They bonded over a shared love of legal philosophy and hip hop music.
  • Following graduation, they both landed positions as law clerks in Washington D.C. This challenging year strengthened their connection, and Aaron proposed shortly thereafter.
  • Laura and Aaron have now been married for over 10 years and have two young children. While Laura’s career as a legal analyst keeps her busy, she credits her husband’s support and humor with keeping her grounded through it all.
  • “Aaron makes me laugh every single day,” says Laura. “He is an amazing father and the perfect partner for all of life’s adventures.”

It’s clear that beneath the poised professional we see on screen, Laura maintains a loving relationship and close-knit family. Her story gives hope that even ambitious, successful women can find a supportive life partner. With hard work and compromise, you absolutely can have both a thriving career and fulfilling personal life.

Laura Coates’ Advice on Balancing Career and Family

As a successful career woman and mother, Laura Coates knows balancing both can be challenging. But she has some advice to share from her own experience:

Make Time for What Matters

Laura emphasizes making time for the things and people that are meaningful to you. She carves out time to spend with her husband and two young sons, even with a busy work schedule. “My family is my priority. I try to be fully present when I’m with them,” she says. This could mean leaving work at a reasonable hour, putting away devices at dinner, or taking occasional long weekends together. Focusing on your loved ones will make the time you do have together that much more special.

Set Boundaries

It’s important to establish boundaries between your work and home life. Laura recommends turning off email notifications and work calls when you’re off the clock. “Once I walk through my front door, I’m in ‘mom mode’. Work can wait until the next day.” She also suggests not checking email once you’ve put the kids to bed. Setting these limits will help you disconnect from work stress and be more available for your family.

Ask For Help When You Need It

Don’t try to do it all yourself. Ask family and friends for help when you feel overwhelmed. Let your spouse take over childcare duties for a night so you can recharge. Have groceries or meals delivered when you’re too busy. Call on grandparents or a babysitter to watch the kids if work demands extra hours. Laura recognizes that “it really does take a village” to balance a high-powered career and family. Accepting help from your support network will make that balancing act much more sustainable.

Following this advice from Laura Coates can help make finding the right equilibrium between your work and personal life a little more attainable. Making time for loved ones, setting clear boundaries, and accepting help are strategies that allow you to thrive in both your career and as a parent or partner. With the right mindset and priorities, you too can achieve that balance.


So there you have it, a glimpse into the private life of this accomplished and inspiring legal mind. While Laura Coates may be a public figure who shares her legal expertise and opinions with the world, she also maintains a loving partnership with her husband in the quiet moments away from the spotlight. Though their relationship remains private, it’s clear that having a strong, supportive spouse behind the scenes has given Coates the freedom and encouragement to pursue her dreams, ultimately allowing her to become the powerhouse legal analyst and commentator she is today. At the end of the day, beyond the headlines and television appearances, Coates is able to return home to the person who shares her life’s journey and all its ups and downs. For those curious about the woman behind the headlines, knowing she has built a happy family and partnership is insight into what really makes Laura Coates tick.

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