Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough: How to Save the Kingdom

lost lands 8 walkthrough

Hey, are you stuck on the latest lost lands 8 walkthrough adventure? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. The fairies and gnomes of Azantria are in trouble again, and only you can save the kingdom. This walkthrough will guide you through all the twists and turns of Lost Lands 8 so you can defeat the evil sorceress, gather the missing artifacts, and restore peace to the realm.

Along the winding forest paths and inside the crumbling dwarf mines, danger lurks around every corner. But with the help of your trusty sidekick Scruffy, your quick wits, and a few magic spells, you’ll solve the mysteries, battle fearsome beasts, and find your way to the sorceress’s lair for the final showdown. The journey won’t be easy, but that’s what makes it an epic quest. So grab your wand, put on your pointy wizard hat, and get ready to save Azantria! This walkthrough has all the tips and tricks you’ll need to emerge victorious and become the hero of Lost Lands once again. The kingdom is counting on you – now let the adventure begin!

Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough: A Chapter-by-Chapter Guide

To save the kingdom, you’ll need to embark on an epic adventure through 8 chapters of danger and mystery. Buckle up, this won’t be easy!

Chapter 1: The Forest of Doom

Make your way through the thick forest, avoiding poisonous plants and hidden traps. Look for clues to find the ancient amulet and escape the forest. Once you have the amulet, head to the Old Mill to unlock its power.

Chapter 2: The Old Mill

Solve puzzles using the amulet to activate the mill. Flip levers and gears to grind ingredients and make an invisibility potion. Drink up and sneak past the guard to enter the castle.

Chapter 3: The Castle Dungeons

The dungeons are vast, dimly lit, and full of skeletons – yikes! Find keys to unlock doors and chests containing useful items. Locate the royal crown and free the prisoners. They’ll help you overthrow the evil king!

Chapters 4-8

I won’t spoil the rest! Chapters 4 through 8 are packed with thrills like escaping an erupting volcano, battling a three-headed beast, and decoding a secret prophecy to ultimately defeat the dark forces threatening the kingdom.

With courage, wit and perseverance, you’ll overcome every challenge to become a hero and restore peace across the land. The fate of Lost Lands is in your hands – now get out there and save the kingdom!

Using Our Walkthrough to Find Hidden Objects and Solve Puzzles

To save the kingdom in Lost Lands 8, you’ll need to find hidden objects and solve tricky puzzles. Our walkthrough will guide you through it step-by-step.

Searching a Scene

Once you enter an area, look around carefully. Hidden objects could be anywhere – behind bushes, under tables, inside drawers. Check places where items might logically be found. For example, look inside a cabinet in the kitchen or a trunk in the attic.

Some objects are partially obscured, so look closely. Zoom in if needed. When you spot something, click to pick it up. The item will go into your inventory for later use.

  1. Examine the scene from different angles. Objects are often placed at an angle or in shadows, making them hard to see head-on.
  2. Look for things that seem out of place or different. New objects that weren’t there before could indicate a hidden item nearby.
  3. Mouse over the entire scene slowly. Even if an item isn’t fully visible, your cursor may change when you mouse over its location.
  4. Come back to areas again later. New hidden objects appear as you progress through the game.

Solving Puzzles

Puzzles usually involve using inventory items in the correct order and place. Examine any clues provided closely. Try different item combinations and placements until something works. If stuck, take a break and come back to it fresh. With patience and persistence, you’ll solve the puzzle and be on your way to saving the kingdom!

Beating Lost Lands 8: Boss Fight Strategies and Tips

To defeat the bosses in Lost Lands 8 and complete the game, you’ll need to employ some tried-and-true strategies. The bosses in this game are no joke, but with the right techniques and a little patience, you’ll be saving the kingdom in no time.

Study the Boss’ Attacks

Before going into battle, observe the boss for a few minutes to learn their attack patterns and timing. Look for openings after certain moves where their guard will be down. The more you understand about how they fight, the better equipped you’ll be to dodge, block, and launch counterattacks. Some bosses even have a specific weak spot you need to target.

Stock Up on Potions and Power-Ups

Don’t go into a boss battle without plenty of health potions, mana potions, and any power-ups you’ve acquired along your journey. You’ll want to be at full health and have back-up potions in case your health gets low. Power-ups like increased attack speed or defense can give you an edge.

Perfect Your Dodging and Blocking

The key to defeating any boss is avoiding their most powerful attacks. Work on your dodging and blocking timing to minimize the amount of damage you take. Look for audio or visual cues from the boss to know exactly when to dodge out of the way or block incoming damage. The less health you lose, the longer you’ll last in battle.

Don’t Give Up!

These boss fights are meant to challenge you. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win on your first try. Learn from your mistakes and continue honing your strategy. With practice, the bosses’ moves will become predictable. You’ll get closer to victory with each attempt! Stay determined and keep at it – you’ve got this! Once you defeat the boss, the rewards will be well worth the effort.


You’ve saved Lost Lands once again, this time in spectacular fashion. The kingdom is safe thanks to your quick thinking and puzzle-solving skills. The evil sorceress Malicia won’t be bothering the good citizens of Azantria for a long time after the thrashing you gave her. Take a well-deserved rest, hero. You’ve earned it. But don’t rest for too long – there are always more adventures to be had in the fantastical world of Lost Lands. The kingdom may be saved for now, but there are untold dangers lurking in the farthest corners of Azantria still left unexplored. When you’ve recharged your health and mana, sharpen your sword, restock your inventory and set off for the wild unknown. The people of Azantria will be waiting for the return of their champion. You’ve got a legacy to uphold, after all. The adventure continues!

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