Michael Jackson Soundboard: All His Greatest Hits

michael jackson soundboard

Hey there, music fan! Have you been longing to relive the glory days of the King of Pop? Do you find yourself frequently bursting into renditions of “Billie Jean” or “Beat It”? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled every hit song from the legendary Michael Jackson into one massive soundboard for your listening pleasure.

Just cue up a track and instantly be transported back to the ‘80s. Whether you’re looking for a dose of nostalgia or want to introduce the magic of MJ to a new generation, this soundboard has you covered. From “Thriller” to “Man in the Mirror,” all his chart-toppers are at your fingertips. Moonwalk your way over to the soundboard and get ready for a musical thrill ride like no other. The King is here to reign over your speakers once more.

Michael Jackson’s Most Iconic Sounds and Catchphrases

Ever wonder where some of Michael Jackson’s signature sounds and catchphrases came from? His music and dance moves may have defined the 80s, but his vocal stylings were just as iconic.

Who could forget the “Hee-hee!” and “Shamone!” (or “Come on!”) he’d always exclaim? Those were his go-to exclamations to pump up the crowd during live performances of high-energy songs like “Billie Jean” or “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.”

His “woo!” was another favorite. Once MJ let out an enthusiastic “Woo-hoo!” his fans would scream right back. Talk about audience participation!

And no one could beat his ability to carry a tune. From his earliest hits with The Jackson 5 like “I Want You Back” to megahits like “Man in the Mirror,” MJ’s vocal range, tone and control were unmatched. His “woo’s” and “hee’s” only punctuated his amazing gift.

Though gone too soon, the King of Pop lives on through his timeless music and signature sounds. Crank up the volume on this soundboard and you’ll be dancing, singing, and shouting “shamone!” right along with the man in the mirror. Keep the memory of MJ alive – just hit play and let the music move you.

Remix and Share Your Favorite MJ Songs

A Michael Jackson soundboard is the perfect way to remix and share your favorite MJ hits with friends and fans.

Once you’ve downloaded the soundboard app, you’ll have instant access to clips of Michael’s most iconic oohs, aahs, hee-hees and signature dance moves. Start mixing and matching to create your own custom tracks. Add in beats and samples from other artists for bonus points.

Share your remixes on social media and tag @michaeljackson to spread the joy of his music to new generations. Who knows, you might just go viral! MJ’s timeless sound and moves inspire artists to this day.

For extra fun, host a dance party and play your remixes loud! Teach your friends the moonwalk, the lean, and the spin. Dress up in that signature red jacket, white glove, and black fedora to complete the experience.

Keep the Legacy Alive

Michael Jackson’s impact on pop culture, dance and music will live on forever. Creating and sharing remixes of his work is a great way to keep his memory and message of unity, hope and healing alive.

Use technology to continue passing the torch to new fans. Keep the King of Pop’s sound alive on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Collaborate with other MJ fans across the world.

Michael Jackson brought people together through his music and performances. Even after his passing, he continues to inspire creativity, joy and connection across borders. Remixing and sharing his music is how we ensure his legacy lives on.

FAQ: Michael Jackson Soundboard

One of the most frequent questions about the Michael Jackson soundboard app is which songs are included. The current version includes many of MJ’s biggest hits from his solo career, with more added all the time.

What songs are on the Michael Jackson soundboard?

Some of the iconic songs you can play and remix on the soundboard app include:

  • Billie Jean – The legendary song that popularized the moonwalk dance.
  • Beat It – The catchy rock song with that instantly recognizable guitar riff.
  • Thriller – The title track from the best-selling album of all time. Play the spooky Vincent Price rap!
  • Smooth Criminal – The popular song with a killer bassline and music video.
  • Black or White – The call for racial unity and harmony.
  • Remember the Time – A romantic song set in ancient Egypt.
  • Bad – The assertive song that reinforced MJ’s “tough guy” image.

We’re constantly updating the app to include more of your favorites like Man in the Mirror, The Way You Make Me Feel, and Heal the World. Let us know if there’s a song you’d like added!

The app also includes fun sound effects you can layer onto the songs like audience screams, record scratches, and MJ’s signature “whoo!” and moonwalking sounds. Get creative and make your own remixes—you never know what musical magic might happen! The possibilities are as endless as MJ’s talent.

Is the Michael Jackson soundboard free to download?

Yes, the Michael Jackson soundboard app is free to download for both iOS and Android devices. We’re dedicated to providing an awesome experience for MJ fans everywhere at no cost. So go ahead—download it today and start making music fit for a King of Pop!


So there you have it, a curated collection of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits on one soundboard. With just a touch of a button, you can instantly transport yourself back in time and experience the musical genius of the King of Pop. His innovative dance moves, unforgettable style, and of course those instantly recognizable songs have withstood the test of time. No matter what generation you’re from, there’s no escaping the cultural impact of Michael Jackson. He was a pioneer who broke down barriers and brought people together through his music. Though his life was cut tragically short, the legacy of his music lives on forever. The next time you’re hosting a party or just want to relive the glory days of the 80’s, fire up that soundboard and turn up “Billie Jean.” Moonwalk not required but highly recommended!

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