How Play It Again Sports Can Save You Money

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Have you ever dropped a couple hundred bucks on sports equipment only to realize a few months later you barely use it? It sits in your garage collecting dust, a reminder of money wasted. Next time you need athletic gear, do your wallet a favor and head to Play It Again Sports first. This nationwide chain buys and sells gently used sports equipment, allowing you to score gear at a fraction of retail prices.

You know the excitement of starting a new sport or workout routine. You go all in, investing in the shiny new equipment, clothing, and accessories, convinced this is your new lifelong passion. Fast forward a few months and reality sets in. Turns out you don’t have time to train for that triathlon or you realized spin class isn’t for you after all. But now you’re stuck with all the gear – and the bill. Play It Again Sports lets you avoid buyer’s remorse by offering gear at 30-70% off retail prices. You’ll find everything from treadmills to tennis rackets, hockey skates to yoga mats. And when you no longer need the gear, just bring it back for cash or trade it in for something else.

Next time you’re ready to take on a new sport, do your budget a favor and start your shopping at Play It Again Sports. Your wallet will thank you.

What Is Play It Again Sports?

So what exactly is Play It Again Sports? In short, it’s a sporting goods reseller that buys and sells gently used equipment and gear. This means you can find everything from baseball bats to kayaks at a fraction of the retail price.

Play It Again Sports has been around since 1983 and now has over 300 stores across the U.S. and Canada. They carry gear for just about any sport you can think of – from the mainstream to the niche. Some of the types of products you’ll find include:

  • Bicycles and cycling equipment like helmets, shoes and apparel
  • Exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals and weight sets
  • Balls, bats, gloves and protective gear for baseball, softball, hockey, lacrosse, etc.
  • Camping supplies such as tents, sleeping bags, lanterns and stoves
  • Water gear including kayaks, canoes, surfboards, wakeboards and life jackets
  • Winter sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, ice skates and snowshoes
  • And much more!

The great thing about Play It Again Sports is that you can buy and sell there. So not only can you find amazing deals on sporting goods that were gently used, but you can also trade-in or sell your own used equipment for cash or store credit. It’s a win-win!

So if you’re on a budget or just want to save some money on high-quality sports equipment, check out your local Play It Again Sports. You never know what gems you might uncover. Happy hunting and happy savings!

How Play It Again Sports Saves You Money

Play It Again Sports is a used sporting goods store, so everything they sell has been previously owned. This means you’ll find gear at a fraction of the retail price.

Huge Savings###

Compared to big box stores, you can save 50-90% off the original price of everything from baseball bats and gloves to kayaks and treadmills. They have everything from every major brand like Nike, Adidas and Under Armor to specialized gear for sports like lacrosse or water polo.

Instead of paying $200 for a new bike helmet, you might pay $40. Need a new tennis racket? Save $100. How about a kayak package with paddles and life jackets? Easily save over $500. The savings add up fast, so you can get fully outfitted without breaking the bank.

High Quality

Don’t think the used equipment won’t last. Play It Again Sports is very selective, only choosing gear in excellent, working condition. Everything is thoroughly inspected, tested and tuned up. They frequently have nearly new items that were barely used. You get the same performance and durability as buying new but at a fraction of the cost.

Huge Selection###

With the huge volume of items they take in and resell every day, Play It Again Sports has an incredible selection. You’re sure to find what you need for your sport or activity in the size, style, and price range you want. They have gear for team sports, individual sports, recreation, and everything in between.

By shopping at Play It Again Sports, you keep more money in your wallet while still getting the gear you need. It’s a win-win for the budget-conscious sports enthusiast. Why pay full price when you can Play It Again?

Types of Quality Used Sporting Goods at Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports is a goldmine for high-quality used sporting goods at a fraction of retail prices. Here are some of the types of equipment you can often find:

Football Gear

From helmets and shoulder pads to cleats and jerseys, you can outfit yourself for football at all levels. Look for deals on brands like Riddell, Schutt and Nike. In the offseason, you may even spot pro gear from teams like the Raiders or 49ers!

Exercise Equipment

If you’re looking to get in shape without dropping a ton of cash, check out their selection of used exercise equipment. They frequently have treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and weight sets. Brands like ProForm, NordicTrack and Bowflex are common, often with lots of life left at 50-75% off retail.

Camping Supplies

Planning a camping trip or outdoor adventure? Play It Again Sports may have tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, grills and other essential gear you need. Look for trusted brands like Coleman, Marmot and Kelty. Their inventory varies based on the season, so you may find the best deals at the end of summer.

Winter Sports

When the snow starts falling, hit up Play It Again Sports for skis, snowboards, boots, jackets and everything else you need to hit the slopes. They carry gear for all skill levels, from beginner to expert. Brands like Burton, Volkl and The North Face are prevalent. Bundle up for less so you can spend more on lift tickets and hot cocoa!

By shopping used sporting goods at Play It Again Sports, you gain access to high-end brands and equipment at outlet prices. Check in frequently, as new inventory arrives daily. And if you do grow out of an item or want an upgrade down the road, you can always trade it in to continue the cycle. Your wallet and the environment will thank you.

Tips for Finding Great Deals at Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports is known for great deals on used sporting goods and gear, but you have to know how to find the best bargains. Here are some tips to score huge savings:

Check the weekly ad

  • Play It Again Sports runs weekly ads promoting their best deals and discounts. See what’s on sale that week so you can take advantage of the biggest markdowns. They frequently offer buy one, get one half off or extra percentage off already reduced prices.

Ask about the “Garage Sale” section

  • Many locations have an area dedicated to items they’re looking to clear out fast at rock bottom prices. Inquire at the front desk about their “garage sale” section to find equipment they’re looking to move that week at up to 90% off retail. You may find last season’s leftovers, trade-ins, or returns that are still in great shape.

Buy off-season

  • Shop for gear during the off-season to find the lowest prices. Buy swimsuits and water gear in the fall and winter, skis and snowboards in the spring and summer. Play It Again Sports wants to make room for the next season’s inventory, so they slash prices on gear that’s out of season. You’ll easily save 50-90% off retail, even on high-quality name brands.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

  • Prices at Play It Again Sports are often negotiable, especially if you’re buying multiple items or the product has been on the shelf for a while. Ask if they’ll take another 10-30% off the listed price. The worst they can say is no, but you may be surprised to get an even sweeter deal.

Trade in your used gear for credit

  • If you have high-quality used sports equipment, Play It Again Sports may buy it or offer you trade-in credit. You can then use that credit towards gear you need, allowing you to upgrade equipment at no cost. It’s a win-win—you get money or credit for gear you’re no longer using and a discount on replacement gear.

Following these tips will help you find incredible deals on everything from golf clubs to kayaks at Play It Again Sports. With a little savvy shopping, you can gear up for your favorite sports at a fraction of the retail cost.

Locations of Play It Again Sports Stores Near You

With over 300 locations across North America, there’s probably a Play It Again Sports store near you. These used sporting goods stores are a great way to save money on quality gear for all kinds of sports and outdoor recreation.

Check Their Website

The easiest way to find a Play It Again Sports store in your area is to visit their website and enter your zip code. A list of the nearest locations will pop up, showing their address, phone number, and hours. Some stores also have an interactive map on their website that shows all locations at a glance. You can see if there’s one on your side of town or in a nearby city.

Major Retail Areas

Since Play It Again Sports stores are usually located in higher-traffic retail areas, check near large shopping malls, outlet malls, or strip malls in your city or surrounding towns. They like to set up shop where there’s already a lot of foot traffic and visibility. You may spot one in the same general vicinity as major sporting goods stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, or Big 5 Sporting Goods.

College Towns

College towns are also a great place to search for a Play It Again Sports. With lots of recreational and intramural sports going on, as well as outdoor activities, used sporting goods stores thrive in these areas. Students on a budget appreciate the opportunity to buy and sell quality used gear. Some locations even work directly with local schools and sports teams for trade-ins and consignment.

The key is not to give up if you don’t see one right away in your immediate area. With new locations opening all the time, a Play It Again Sports could pop up close by before you know it. And if there’s not one nearby currently, you may need to plan a little road trip to check out a store in a surrounding city. The deals and selection will be well worth the extra effort. Happy hunting for a Play It Again Sports location near you!


So there you have it, a few compelling reasons why Play It Again Sports should be your next stop for quality used sporting goods. You’ll find everything you need to get into the game at a fraction of retail prices. Not only will you save a bundle of cash, but you’ll feel good about reusing perfectly good gear instead of buying brand new. And who doesn’t love finding an amazing deal? Next time you need new cleats, a tennis racket, or whatever else to get you moving, do your wallet and the planet a favor and shop Play It Again Sports. You’ll be glad you did.

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